I was really unsatisfied about my body form

I was really unsatisfied about my body form, I’ve been overweight since my teens, I’ve lost some weight, but it was not enought. Then I decided to talk to Dr. Rodrigo Rosique because on that moment I’ve already known his great job, and as my first cosmetic surgery had been a great success, so I decided to do it. And the result was exactly What I dreamed about.

Always considered myself a skinny fake

Always considered myself a skinny fake! I was unhappy since my teens with the image saw in the mirror. Unaware waist. Felt like a bread tied in half when wearing dresses that marked.I tried several surgeons and not felt security, until I consulted with Dr Rodrigo. I consulted with surgeons who only lifted my shirt and said I was going to be beautiful. I did not imagine and feel credible in their work. Is not a cheap investment, and we’re dealing with life. Now i see how much has changed not only my body but my self-esteem.

Rosique was very helpful explaining all the techniques

Since the first consultation Dr. Rodrigo Rosique was very helpful explaining all the techniques, possible outcomes and what could be done safely in my body. The preoperative was totally together, analyzing every detail examinations. The postoperative period also had the full attention of Dr. Rodrigo Rosique, either in person or by phone, always obliging and careful demonstrating results, medication and monitoring customary.

Excellent Doctor

Excellent Doctor, answered all of my questions and doubts about the procedure, showed confidence and made me feel secure about his work. The behaviour of his staff and the medical facility makes every patient believe that they will get their money’s worth. I recommend his work without restrictions and regrets, should i ever feel the need to have another surgery, i will surely contact him.

Amazing Experience

Amazing Experience! – Honestly can’t say enough positive things about my experience. Not only am I extremely satisfied with my results, but the entire team went above and beyond to help with every aspect of the procedure including logistics, emotional support, pain management, expectations, etc. I traveled from Canada to Brazil to have this done and am convinced this was the best decision. Had many consults with other plastic surgeons but was thankful for my choice. Response times, support, and results far exceeded my expectations!